Les Images Sportif

Great Moments in Human (and other) History.

Pyschopathic Types.

by ml22

Oleg Menshikov II Oleg Menshikov III Oleg Menshikov IIII Oleg Menshikov


Ian Holm IIce Truck Killer IIII.jpg

Ice Truck Killer I Ice Truck Killer II Ice Truck Killer III

Blood Theme for Strings {Dexter}.

George Marlow I George Marlow IIVincent D'Onofrio I Vincent D'Onofrio II

Anton Chigurh I

Anton Karidian II copy Anton Karidian VI copy

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Gerry Schnauz VII Pruitt Taylor Vince - Gerry Schnauz

Donnie Pfaster I Donnie Pfaster II copy donnie pfaster

Nancy Fish I copy Nancy Fish II copy



Robert Carlyle XI.png

Robert Carlyle XII Robert Carlyle XIII

summerisle 4

Dracula - Charles Macaulay I


John Carroll Lynch II - Zodiac film

Pusher I


Brad Dourif VIII -Luther Lee Boggs Brad Dourif XI -Luther Lee Boggs

Bill Pullman I

Bill Pullman V

Doug Hutchison II Doug Hutchison VI - ToombsDoug Hutchison VIIII - StalkerDoug Hutchison XI- Stalker

Syd Booth Goggle III Syd Booth Goggle V

Stanley Tucci I


Andrew Scott - Moriarty I

Hans Landa I

Stuart Charno II Stuart Charno III



Hengist I

Walter White I

William Speer V

Kevin Spacey - I

Michael Reilly Burke as Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy I Ted Bundy II

Jame Gumb

Hannibal Lecter II Hannibal Lecter IIIHannibal Lecter IIII

Szell I

Albert Fish I Albert Fish III

Lee Clayton V Lee Clayton XI



Stansfield 4 Stansfield 9Gary Oldman VIIIIzorg

Brad Dourif IIII Brad Dourif V

Owen Wilson I

Jack Palance Ia Jack Palance II

Robert Blake II

Dr Dave Lowry I - Ned Beatty Dr Dave Lowry II - Ned Beatty

Blue Paint Killer

Paul Millander I Paul Millander II

Karl Arnold I


Le Doggage Sportif.

by ml22

Balancing Dog Rocky IIIIGiant George I3AmeliaHound Dogs Kiss and ThunderKirby IaMaddie IIII1a11basset hound I beagle bull pup XI Chester Chicken and Friend Chicken II Dog shaking III dog sitting III dog sitting IIII - at bar solo Fall Pug Finley II flying bull Frenchy VIII Gaea 17aa8293aaGigi 1aa A Good Dog..... Harlow and Sage III Merle VI Willow ISparky XXXXXaa Sparky XXXXXXVIIIIarosie77a rosie78 with sky 4x6 II2 5DSCF02778b 11a 1a

Great dogs I have “owned”, and some loved from afar. Some original photography, some unknown.

The Poets.

by ml22

TS EliotTS Eliot IIa

The Hollow Men, read by T. S. Eliot himself.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, read by the great Tom O’Bedlam.

Prufrock, read by Mr. Eliot.

Portrait of Wallace Stevens

The Emperor of Ice Cream, by Wallace Stevens, read by the incomparable Tom O’Bedlam.

Mr. O’Bedlam‘s at it again, with Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

Charles Baudelaire ICharles Baudelaire II

Read by Paul MathersBe Drunk, by Charles Baudelaire.

To The Reader {Au Lecteur}, read by the mighty Tom O’Bedlam.

The Albatross, read by no one other than Tom O’Bedlam.


Pied Beauty, by Gerard Manley Hopkins, read by the great Tom O’Bedlam.

The Windhover, read by the inimitable Tom O’Bedlam.

Robert Service I

The Men Who Don’t Fit In, read, I believe, by George M. Economou.  By the truly great Robert Service.

Moderation, read by Sir Thrustus Simmonds.

Moderation, read this time by the obscure Irish poet Argus Jones.

Dylan Thomas I Dylan Thomas IIDylan Thomas III

Fern Hill, by Dylan Thomas. Read by Tom O’Bedlam.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, read by the incomparable Tom O’Bedlam.

95c40/huch/1907/7 Yeats IIa

Hound Voice, by William Butler Yeats. Read by the quasi-obscure poet Argus Jones.

Thomas Pynchon I

Tacit lies the gold once-knotted horn.  Read by The Argus Jones, semi-obscure poet of note/unnote. A bit of Pynchon.

Lee Clayton.

by ml22

Lee Clayton XVIa

Lee Clayton VII

Lee Clayton V

The William Marshall

by Thrustus Simmonds

William Marshall


Blacula 3

William Marshall IIII


by dorabwolfeherring

Albert Finney VI

Albert Finney V

Albert Finney VII

Albert Finney IIII