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Great Moments in Human (and other) History.

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Pyschopathic Types.

by ml22

Oleg Menshikov II Oleg Menshikov III Oleg Menshikov IIII Oleg Menshikov


Ian Holm IIce Truck Killer IIII.jpg

Ice Truck Killer I Ice Truck Killer II Ice Truck Killer III

Blood Theme for Strings {Dexter}.

George Marlow I George Marlow IIVincent D'Onofrio I Vincent D'Onofrio II

Anton Chigurh I

Anton Karidian II copy Anton Karidian VI copy

Pruitt Taylor Vince - Gerry Schnauz VII Pruitt Taylor Vince - Gerry Schnauz

Donnie Pfaster I Donnie Pfaster II copy donnie pfaster

Nancy Fish I copy Nancy Fish II copy



Robert Carlyle XI.png

Robert Carlyle XII Robert Carlyle XIII

summerisle 4

Dracula - Charles Macaulay I


John Carroll Lynch II - Zodiac film

Pusher I


Brad Dourif VIII -Luther Lee Boggs Brad Dourif XI -Luther Lee Boggs

Bill Pullman I

Bill Pullman V

Doug Hutchison II Doug Hutchison VI - ToombsDoug Hutchison VIIII - StalkerDoug Hutchison XI- Stalker

Syd Booth Goggle III Syd Booth Goggle V

Stanley Tucci I


Andrew Scott - Moriarty I

Hans Landa I

Stuart Charno II Stuart Charno III



Hengist I

Walter White I

William Speer V

Kevin Spacey - I

Michael Reilly Burke as Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy I Ted Bundy II

Jame Gumb

Hannibal Lecter II Hannibal Lecter IIIHannibal Lecter IIII

Szell I

Albert Fish I Albert Fish III

Lee Clayton V Lee Clayton XI



Stansfield 4 Stansfield 9Gary Oldman VIIIIzorg

Brad Dourif IIII Brad Dourif V

Owen Wilson I

Jack Palance Ia Jack Palance II

Robert Blake II

Dr Dave Lowry I - Ned Beatty Dr Dave Lowry II - Ned Beatty

Blue Paint Killer

Paul Millander I Paul Millander II

Karl Arnold I


Le Doggage Sportif.

by ml22

Balancing Dog Rocky IIIIGiant George I3AmeliaHound Dogs Kiss and ThunderKirby IaMaddie IIII1a11basset hound I beagle bull pup XI Chester Chicken and Friend Chicken II Dog shaking III dog sitting III dog sitting IIII - at bar solo Fall Pug Finley II flying bull Frenchy VIII Gaea 17aa8293aaGigi 1aa A Good Dog..... Harlow and Sage III Merle VI Willow ISparky XXXXXaa Sparky XXXXXXVIIIIarosie77a rosie78 with sky 4x6 II2 5DSCF02778b 11a 1a

Great dogs I have “owned”, and some loved from afar. Some original photography, some unknown.